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Welcome to the place for alternate egos.

We create new brands and deliver mobile-first websites for companies and organisations of all shapes and sizes.

The Alternate Media promise:
“Only ever what you need, no more, no less.”

Fast, reliable and mobile-first.

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Simple, Robust Websites.

Your website is often the first impression people have of your business. It’s your 24/7 salesperson. In fact, over 40% of people claim the design of a company’s website is the number one criterion for discerning the credibility of that company and in this digital world, you only have a matter of seconds to make a good first impression.

Combining striking visual web design with appealing content, the alternate egos at Alternate Media design and develop handcrafted sites that capture and engage customers, drive traffic, and emphasise your products or services. Plus it’s all built on SquareSpace for easy updating and scalability.

When you are ready we have three main website packages to choose from:

Our Process.

We collaborate closely with clients while designing and developing a new website from start to finish. Our experienced web design experts take the time to understand your wants and needs through a design questionnaires and meetings – making sure our visions are aligned.

Once goals are determined, we work toward achieving a stunning website that will deliver a positive user-experience, representing your brand. It should go without saying we always deliver mobile-first responsive websites that look great on any device. We work hard to capture your ideas and make them come to life over all platforms.

All our websites include;

Responsive Design 

Your website will look great on all devices.

SquareSpace Content Management System (CMS)

Squarespace makes it simple to manage and edit your
website at any time, by yourself (or we’re here to help!).

Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

Get found by those searching for you.

Hands-On Training & Documentation

Documentation and an optional hands-on training going
over the basics for managing and updating your website.

Designed with digital in mind.

Is your brand consistent on and off line?


Be brand-clever.

Having a strong brand identity and maintaining brand consistency is vital for businesses of all sizes. Many of the reasons why we’re attracted to a particular product or service is because of its branding, whether we realise it or not.

Brand image conveys your company’s personality. It tells your story. We craft your story in a way that will make a connection with consumers, have them get to know you, and want to know more.

We’ll develop a strong brand image and message that will work well across all your marketing channels. Consumers are interacting with brands in real time, in personal spaces, on a variety of media platforms.

Whether you’re reinventing your brand or launching a new one we can help you get discovered in this fast-paced world.

A compelling logo and tagline are just the beginning to getting you noticed. It’s also the colours, the tone of your copy (text) and visuals you use. Together, they set the stage to what a consumer’s experience will be with your product or company.

We go through a process to understand your brand’s point of difference and characteristics. That way, we can make a strong first impression the moment a consumer comes across your brand on any one of their media platforms, and make it memorable.

Branding is the quickest way to attract more customers, charge more, have enhanced credibility and build recognition. Let us help build or manage your brand.

To get started we have two main branding packages to choose from: